Top 10 Essential Items

We are often asked for a list on what people should take whilst to India. There are the normal things  for a safari such as you would take to Africa such as mute and natural coloured clothing, sturdy walking boots and decent sunglasses, but there are other things that you might not think of.

Here is Sense India’s Top 10 essential Items:

1.  Head gear
It is often assumed that India  is always hot, not so. At certain warm hat is greatly appreciated for those early morning safaris. To get the most comfortable game viewing experience you will probably appreciate a warm hat whilst sitting in the back of a vehicle  before the sun it up! In addition a wide brimmed sun hat is essential and for the ladies a light cotton scarf to cover your head . Some religious sites require this

2. Binoculars.
By the end of your trip your binos will be stuck to your eyes! It is better to bring a not so good pair than none at all. You will be amazed at how more rewarding it is having your own pair of binos, and you will probably end up using them to spot all sorts of animals and birds. Binoculars can add enormous value to your India n safari.

3. A Decent Camera.
If you have a pretty good camera, then bring it. So may people ask us whether it is worth bringing a digital camera (and all the lenses) and what the likelihood is of it getting damaged. Yes, it might get damaged (although this is unlikely), but wouldn’t you rather create some incredible memories of your safari than not at all?

It is also a great way of engaging with the local people, showing your pictures of them makes it is easier to strike up a conversation, enriching both yours and their experience. Just make sure that you ask whether you can take a picture of them first, again travelling responsibly.

4. Head Torch.
Once used you will never go back. You will never have to put a torch in your mouth again when looking for that essential bit of kit! A head torch makes life so much simpler. Spare batteries are essential

5. Copies of Documents.
Having a copy of your passport, insurance certificate and your visa and airline ticket gives you a bit of a safety net in the event that your real documents are lost or stolen. It makes life easier when being issued a new one or if you need these details.

6. A Bird Identification Book.
You may think that you are not a twitcher, but after visiting India  you may want to rethink this. There is no way that anyone can ignore the fact that the birds in India  are much more colourful, more dynamic and have fascinating and quirky habits. By the end of the holiday you will be using your binoculars to spot yet another bird. Twitchers unite!

7. Hand Gel.
Hand gel is a great invention and handy to have when out and about in India . Using hand gel before eating helps to seriously reduce the risk of you catching something whilst on safari and potentially putting you out of action for a few days. Better to be safe than sorry.

8. First Aid Kit
A basic first aid kit for travelling in India should include all personal medication, aspirin or painkillers , for fevers and minor aches and pains, tablets for nausea, antiseptic and calamine lotion for cuts and bites, an anti-fungal-ointment, plasters and crepe bandages and a pair of scissors , insect repellent and tweezers. Your first aid kit should also have anti-histamines, for allergies, anti-diarrhoea tablets , water purification( perhaps think about a reusable filter bottle).

9. A Good Book or Kindle.
There is always time for relaxing and taking time out and reading a book on your trip (especially on this long transfers)  it is a small pleasure in life. You may even need two, or three…

10. A Small Day Sac.
To put all the above in!