Before You Go

There are a number of things that you will need to do before you go travelling abroad, and sometimes it is easy to forget. Here is a gentle reminder.

1. Mobile phone.
If you are planning on taking your mobile phone abroad please check the cost for making and receiving calls whilst overseas, this can be expensive and could ruin your holiday. You will also need to have international roaming on your phone, please contact your provider for more information about this. If you have a smart phone it is also advisable to turn off applications that are not needed as this will help prevent generating enormous phone bills. Pay-as-you-go contracts are not compatible overseas.

2. Debit and credit cards.
Make sure that you register your cards with your bank that you are travelling overseas, otherwise you might be refused payment or your card may be taken from you.

3. Seats on flights.
It is possible to book your preferred seats on your flights to India, sometimes Sense India will be able to do this for you, otherwise you can do it online through your airline. Sometimes it does cost to reserve seats.

4. Currency.
It is advisable to have local currency on you, check which currency you need for the country you are travelling in. Please make sure you ask for small denominations as local vendors and street stalls will not be able to give you change from large notes.

There are some countries where the currency cannot be purchased overseas and usually US Dollars or South African Rand are accepted. Please ask Sense Africa for information about this if you are unsure.

5. Inoculations.
It is important to have the correct up to date inoculations and to take the best malaria prophylaxis for yourself. Some countries will not allow you to travel into them if you have not had a specific vaccination. There are also some vaccinations that are a course, so you need plenty of time to ensure that you have time to complete them before travel. Please make sure you speak with your GP.

6. Passport.
Please check that you have at least four empty pages in your passport and that your passport does not expire within six months of your return date to the UK.

7. Visas.
You will need a visa to travel to India and these can be easily completed on line. We recommend getting an eVisa.

8. Insurance.
You are required to have adequate travel insurance for your trip. Sense India recommends CoverMore as a reputable insurance company. Please ensure that you let them know exactly what you will be doing so that you are fully covered for your trip.