How do you compare Safaris in Africa and India?2nd October '19

The Difference between Safaris in African and India by Marc Reading

Where does ‘safari’ originate from?

The word Safari originates form the Swahili word “Safar” to journey. It was adapted by European travellers that visited Africa at the turn of the century and became Safari. A safari is a journey or expedition, for hunting , exploration or investigation, with the hunters, guides, vehicles, equipment, forming such an expedition or safari.

Nowadays  the word safari is used to describe any long or adventurous journey or expedition, as well as a popular internet search engine! The true safari experience is still associated with Africa and a modern safari incorporates wild life experiences, cultural interactions, exploration and unique forms of accommodation and travel.

Comparing Africa with India

In the true sense of the word, apart from Africa, only India can offer an alternative safari experience, albeit not as well known. The Indian safari experience whilst comparable to Africa is unique, so can they be compared? Well, yes they can.  Having said that comparisons between Africa and India are difficult and in my experience should not be done as each has its own charm, with differing landscapes, cultures and more importantly for the “ safari aficionado” a totally different wildlife experience.

As far as a safari experience is concerned, India is different, but for the serious safari goer that has ticked all the African experience boxes India has so much to offer. Just like Africa, India has unique once in a life time species, such as the Snow Leopard and Red Panda, a diverse landscape and lodges and tented camps to suit all pockets.

Sense India have put this simple info graphic together to help you compare an India and African safari. Enjoy!


inspiring wildlife holidays to India

Choosing what you want to do and where you go can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you have not been to India before. And even if you have, there is so much choice.

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