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A Guide to India’s Wildlife2nd October '19

A guide to India as a wildlife destination, home to 10% of the world’s wildlife species. Did you know that?

The Indian subcontinent offers a spectacular diversity of wildlife. It has the highest number of wild cats species, it is home to 50% of the world’s bear species, and 12% of the world’s bird diversity.

The diverse Indian landscape is home to deer as well as antelope species, all varieties of canines from wolves to hyena, jackal, wild dogs and the fox . The region has over 870 endemic species with more species still being discovered making its wildlife diversity unique and unlike any other region in the world.

India is home to :

  • 350 Mammals 7.6% of world Species
  • 1250 Birds 12.6% of world Species
  • 233 Amphibians 4.4% of world Species
  • 408 Reptiles 6.2% of world Species
  • 2546 Fish 11.7% of world Species

Surprising isn ‘t it?

inspiring wildlife holidays to India

Choosing what you want to do and where you go can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you have not been to India before. And even if you have, there is so much choice.

Do get in touch and we can guide you through ideas and help plan your ideal trip to India.

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