Who We Are

Marc Reading
Mountaineer, Skier, Adventurer, Tourism Marketer

In 1979 I travelled to Kenya for a climbing trip, fell in love with Africa and spent most of the next 30 years living and working in the safari and adventure travel industry. Returning to the United Kingdom I founded a tourism marketing company.

I have climbed, skied and trekked in the United Kingdom, The Alps, North and South America, East Africa, Australia and Ladahk, Northern India.

My first visit to India and Sri Lanka was in the early 1980s and I was captivated by the sub- continent. Over the years I have travelled to many parts of India and been lucky enough to explore some amazing places and meet passionate conservationists, many of whom Sense India now work with.

From trekking in the high Himalayas to look for the elusive snow leopard, or sitting on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi I have been totally captivated by India. Sense India allows me to share my passion and some of the special places that I know.

To compliment all of this:

  • I have travelled to over 60 counties.
  • I taught skiing in Switzerland, New Zealand, South America and South Africa (on an artificial ski slope, but that’s another story)
  • I co own a tourism marketing business that represent tourism products in Africa, India and Australasia.
  • I was given the freedom of the city of Rio De Janerio for services to tourism.
  • I love India food…. In India, its authentic.
  • I still have to write my university final exam, I deferred it to go on a climbing expedition.

Varun Mathur
‘Head of the Jungle’, Naturalist, Photographer, Author

I grew up in a family that put a great emphasis on protecting and preserving our environment and natural surroundings. As a child I would accompany my grandfather to meetings and activities conducted by “Friends of the Doon” – a pressure group against illegal mining and felling. It was these early years that ingrained in me the love for India’s natural surroundings.

My father who worked with the Indian Railways, had a transferable job and my interest in India’s wildlife dates back to visiting National Parks with him.  He would take me to national parks, dams, beaches, rivers and forests in the vicinity, and it is here that I began to gain an in depth knowledge about what India has to offer visitors.

I am responsible for developing our wildlife programs and itineraries. We are very keen to change the way people perceive Wildlife in the Indian Sub-Continent, take guests into the more remote and therefore less visited parks.

To compliment all of this:

  • I have visited more than 26 of India’s wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks
  • Wildlife photography has been my passion for a long long time
  • I have published a photo book showcasing India’s wildlife – Footprints in the Wild

Jenny Bowen
Ecologist, Expedition Leader, Author

My first job after graduating as an ecologist from Leeds University was in Africa – little did I know the importance of this on my life. As the permanent ecologist for Raleigh International in Zimbabwe I set up numerous conservation projects, managed hundreds of volunteers, collated scientific data and wrote many reports. And it was here that I promptly fell in love with the continent.

I have also helped set up the first terrestrial protected area in Vanuatu and have completed Action Plans for tourism sites in the Commonwealth of Dominica. I have a passion for conservation and in-depth knowledge about African wildlife and an obsession with giraffe having spent countless hours monitoring these animals and collecting their poo!

I have a passion for travel and have been lucky enough to visit a wide variety of places all over the world.  I first visited India in my gap year and was blown away with the whole experience. There is something about India, with its vibrant colours, mouth-watering food and up-lifting feeling that makes you want to go back for more, there is so much to see and do. India is a country of so many elements that it is hard to pin point what it is that draws me to it. 

To compliment all of this:

  • I am also a qualified mountain leader (summer)
  • I have led remote expeditions to 14 far flung countries including Morocco, Borneo, Vietnam and Costa Rica
  • I am a remote first aider
  • My life revolves around food – love the flavours of India
  • And apparently I do a very good camel impersonation…
  • I am also Director of Sense Africa, the sister company to Sense India.

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