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We have hand crafted itineraries to showcase India’s sought-after wildlife, as well as introducing the lesser known species that as of now, India may not be known for. We blend this with cultural excursions and personalised itineraries.

  • first time visitors to India
  • avid photographers
  • family safaris
  • bespoke guided trips
  • walking safaris

India offers a whole array of safari activities encompassing walking safaris, boating, canoeing, night safaris, cycling safaris and elephant safaris. We are very keen to change the way people perceive wildlife in India, and would love to take you to the more remote and less visited parks. Get away from the hubbub of mass tourism and see India on your own terms.

The majestic power of the tiger, the stealth of the leopard, the roar of the lion, these are just three of the 15 cat species to be found in India. Did you know that India also has mega fauna including wild elephant, rhinoceros, wild water buffalo and gaur, four species of bear, over 1,250 species of birds and 10% of the world’s species? 

This diversity is possible only because we have such a huge diversity of landscapes which has impacted the evolution of these spectacular animals.

Sense India ensures that all itineraries and programs are designed by wildlife enthusiasts so you get the most out of your holiday.

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This inspirational country is the perfect place to explore vibrant cultures, track wildlife, enjoy breath-taking scenery and revitalise your soul. What type of holiday do you want to experience?


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